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Laura Mitchell Consulting, an organization known for growth hacking, guerilla marketing and digital health expertise announced today a symbiotic partnership with digital product marketing group, NextGen.

The Aging in place and digital health industry has only recently appeared to approach lift off. For years, the glacial pace of a newborn industry just couldn’t seem to gain traction. With the backdrop of the Affordable Care act, the rising cost of healthcare and the aging population tsunami, many professional care organizations are turning to technology to make care more proactive, affordable and efficient.

“I am honored to be affiliated with the brilliant Brain Trust team a NextGen”, said Laura Mitchell. “I have been passionately involved in the digital health industry for 10 years, and I am excited to work with organizations with the same innovative vision “.

The NextGen Marketing Group™ was founded in 2007 by former technology industry senior executive and former CMO, Greg Crosby. Greg had a vision to create a new business model for marketing—-a “dream team” of top product market innovators across the country who can drive results.

“We are delighted to have Laura Mitchell join the national NextGen Marketing Group Braintrust team”, said Greg Crosby, Founder and CEO of NextGen Marketing Group. “We see digital health as a major focus of our firm, going forward, and having an experienced innovator and entrepreneur like Laura is a tremendous asset”.

Contact NextGen Marketing Group:     1-877-5-NXTGEN (569-8436)

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