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Aging isn’t a promise, it’s a gift that should be embraced. Why, then, does it make us so uncomfortable to acknowledge changes that come with aging? Why do we choose ignorance as a strategy for our aging loved ones and their healthcare concerns? Why do we prefer to not make plans for an inevitable future?

I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 44 Industry Experts on Long Term Care for the Report on the Major Misconceptions of Aging.  We discussed why Americans refuse to proactively approach aging and healthcare. Why is it that 3 in 10 Americans 40 and older would prefer not to think about getting older at all? This leads them to significant financial and emotional distress due to unpreparedness.

“If we treated and respected our aging population in the same way we treat the children we love, we wouldn’t wait for the accident to happen before ensuring preventative safety.” – Laura Mitchell

Here were some key findings from the report:

Why is there a drastic difference in people’s perception vs reality?

  • People are in denial over aging and what comes along with It.
  • Consumers are optimistic in our youth-oriented culture. Why worry now anyway?
  • People equate aging and long term care with death and defeat.
  • The reality of aging is not a powerful enough motivator until it hits close to home.
  • Care has been driven by crisis management versus proactive and preventative care.
  • There is not enough discussion on what long term care is. It’s not just “nursing homes”.

“Don’t wait until the crisis happens before putting on the seatbelt. Be proactive and enjoy the ride!” – Laura Mitchell

Read the entire article here:

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