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Laura Mitchell Consulting has just grown by 33%! We are proud to announce that we have added a new member to our growing team of marketing professionals. Acting as a Digital Strategy Consultant, Elizabeth Hintz started with Laura Mitchell Consulting on November 16th. Focusing primarily on social media, Elizabeth will be a valuable asset for both Laura Mitchell Consulting and our growing base of clientele.

In her previous positions, Elizabeth has focused heavily on guerrilla marketing-that is, generating engagement without having any allocated funds. Having worked for both private sector and nonprofit organizations, Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience and a unique understanding of emerging media. As described on Laura Mitchell Consulting’s website:

Elizabeth is a rising talent in the marketing world, but already has several years of experience in digital marketing and instructional design in multiple organizations.  Elizabeth is also a razor sharp ninja who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay at the age of 19 with a degree in Organizational Communication.

Elizabeth has already hit the ground running, outlining a social media and marketing plan for our own brand. We are very excited about what Elizabeth has to bring to the table as she joins Laura and the rest of the LMC staff.

Another staff member, Scott Feldstein, is currently the Brand Manager at Laura Mitchell Consulting. Scott’s biography on our website captures his personality well:

Scott is a writer, speaker, musician and Jedi master.  As Brand Manager and Copywriter, he uses his creativity to effectively communicate your company’s purpose and values to just the right target demographic.  In addition to 15 years of experience in technology, Scott has studied psychology, religion, education and computing and holds a master’s degree from Marquette University.

Scott’s recent work  has been largely focused on developing the new Laura Mitchell Consulting website ( in addition to managing existing accounts and sorting through prospective clients. Nick Mitchell, Laura’s partner-in-crime, has been working closely with Scott to develop the Laura Mitchell Consulting website and other websites for clients. Nick’s strength is his highly technical understanding of complex systems. He is a software developer by trade and acts as the development branch of Laura Mitchell Consulting.  Nick offers expertise in the latest and most innovative trends in software development:

He has experience in enterprise application life cycles, back-end architecture, and web design/programming. Other skills include requirements gathering methodologies, technical support, Extreme Programming methodologies, object-oriented design/patterns, testing, database design/administration, and system administration. He acted as lead developer for digital health technology industry pioneer, GrandCare Systems. He remains a GrandCare Fellow and maintains his powerful wizardry.

Last but certainly not least, Laura Mitchell is a pioneer and thought leader in the aging/technology industry. Widely recognized for her innovative, agile marketing, a deep understanding of the digital health ecosystem and broad industry connections,, Laura speaks all over the country about aging, technology, healthcare technology, marketing and anything else that someone lets her start talking about.

This strike team of experts is ready to serve you and your business for all of your branding, messaging, social media, website, strategy and software development needs. For more information, please visit us at, or e-mail us at

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