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The year is 1975. Television broadcasters, radio stations, and newspapers comprise the media landscape. They are the information gatekeepers, the few people responsible for determining which stories are newsworthy, where and when they appear, and how to spin each story. Most Americans have no choice but to consume this secondhand information, completely reliant on these traditional media sources to shape their understanding of world events. The only sources of primary information come from social networks. No, not those social networks. Private access to the internet is still many years away. Instead, these are actual networks of people talking to one another.

The year is 2015. Television, radio, and newspaper are all rapidly declining. Information gatekeepers no longer exist, and each and every person has the capability to create their own news. Large groups of people are more accessible than ever before, and news now goes “viral”. Primary information is sought after, even preferred, to the carefully constructed news crafted by broadcasters. The internet is a pervasive part of daily living, and the social networks we’re all familiar with have become the young person’s news channel.

So, what changed? A new generation with a desire for unbiased, unfiltered news content began to dominate the market. Technologies allowing for personalized news content combined with a growing distrust for traditional media have created the perfect social cocktail for social networks to thrive. This rapid shift away from traditional media has left businesses across all industries flustered.

Laura Mitchell Consulting works closely with businesses caught in the transition away from traditional media. We can help your business better understand how to use social media to drive traffic to your website, generate sales, and ultimately create a higher return on investment for your marketing efforts.

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