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Imagine for a moment that your website is a grocery store.  All of your aisles must be clearly marked, customers should know exactly where and how to find items. It should always be neatly labeled, tidy (no grammar errors), professional, accessible and modern.  Now, envision that same grocery store has some impulse discounted items at the checkout and in front of the store. Think of the mismatched bins of items out in front of the store, perhaps some gardening equipment and other household items.  These discounted items out front, this colorful, messy and eye-catching display of materials is your social media. It appeals to our impulsive, human-side.

Serving to establish your business as a legitimate operation, a website provides a base-level overview of your team, services, mission, and other pertinent information. A website should always be neat and tidy like a store. The aisles should be clearly marked and everyone should have a good understanding of who you are, what you do, and where to go. In 2016, there is no valid excuse for not having a website. Whether you sell artisan soaps, clothing, or consulting services, companies like WordPress or SquareSpace provide out-of-the-box solutions at a low cost. Websites, like resumes, should contain concise sentences with no punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors.

If a website legitimizes a business, social media establishes your human side, your brand personality. Wild, crazy, a little chaotic, and fun, social media is your discount rack. Not restricted by the rules of traditional marketing, social media serves to showcase a unique brand voice and allows a business to establish one-on-one connections with customers.

Now get back to business, there’s a blue light special, aisle 9.

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