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WritingIf you write it, they will come. Or wait, they probably won’t, unless you’ve devised a compelling scheme to MAKE them notice. So, how do you get attention in today’s media-saturated and ADD digital world? Use these 6 tips to generate more buzz around your company press releases:

  • Have a point.
    Really. It makes it so much more interesting for the reader. A press release should be announcing something that is relevant, interesting, and meaningful to the reader. If you can’t answer the “why would anyone care?” question, save it for the blog and skip the press release.
  • Get to the point.
    Once you’ve determined that you do have a point, say it and say it quickly. There’s no need to say things multiple times in a press release, and there’s even less room for fluff. Mimic the accessory rule (taking off one accessory before leaving the house) and see if there are extra unnecessary ‘accessories’ in your release. If you find yourself repeating or trying to add filler materials, double check to see whether or not you really have a message to share. If not, wait to get more details until releasing. Serious and positive attention is hard to come by and harder to regain.
  • Make it relevant today.
    How does your statement relate to the current state of the industry, the impact of the future, or to a specific population of people? Why should anyone care? Who are the people that care? What motivates them to care? If you are going to discuss a new product or feature, discuss the impact it makes (e.g. an underserved need, cost-savings, increased quality of life, etc.). Don’t stop constantly answering the “WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL” question throughout your release.
  • Get personal.
    Don’t write a stuffy, cold and impersonal release. Throw away the pedantic, brochure-worthy jargon. If your release sounds like Watson wrote it, people will not take notice. Create a story that is fun to read by decorating with thought-provoking quotes from relevant sources, which will make it accessible. Think of your quotes as your press release emoticons!
  • Keep it simple.
    Keep the release readable and simple. Your release should not require additional research to understand exactly what your company does and what the release is about. Include a brief product and company description and the announcement within your first sentence.
  • Grab attention, avoid clickbait.
    Ensure your release title is interesting, yet believable. How many boring or misleading press releases do you encounter each day? Invite the reader to seek more information while remaining truthful to the content of the article.

Laura Mitchell, founder of Laura Mitchell Consulting, is an expert in the digital health technology space. Follow her at @laurahmitchell or like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

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