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If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth one hundred thousand. But making a good marketing video can be hard. After the cost, time, and energy required to shoot and edit the video footage, the messaging may have been diluted. How can businesses create fun, engaging content without becoming bogged down in the details? Laura Mitchell Consulting dispels three myths about creating great marketing videos.

Myth 1: Good marketing videos are expensive.



Anyone with a laptop and an iPhone can create a marketing video. Free sites like are available to make creating and editing fantastic, animated videos incredibly easy.


Myth 2: Good marketing videos must be professionally made.



Again, why hire a videographer or production company to make something that you could make yourself? Even an intern could create an excellent video for your website. Sometimes, honest and organic content is more interesting than something that seems staged.


Myth 3: Good marketing videos must be meticulously staged and planned.



Curating genuine, raw content is a desirable strategy. You may capture something unexpected, which is good! After all, your web presence serves to humanize your business. Your customers are hungry for personality, so it’s important to have a personality.

Not interested in creating your own marketing video? Let Laura Mitchell Consulting help!

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