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Connected health, wearables, digital health, population data, and big data are all the rage right now. As the baby boomers reach retirement age, the market for technology to help the aging population gains momentum.  Changes happen quickly. That’s why we’ve decided to produce a new #LMCTechTuesday Innovation in Aging Series to keep you, and ourselves, up to speed.

Who were the early players in this market? Who paved the way and shaped this booming connected health world? What happened before the rest of the world knew that this stuff even existed?  Where did they get their ideas for products, for marketing, for financing their innovations? What did they learn along the way? What would they do differently? And most importantly, where are their visionary products and minds taking us tomorrow?

We decided to swing for the bleachers right away with long term care veterans Myron Kowal of RCare and David Inns of GreatCall. What’s after that? Watch for all your favorites: Charlie Hillman, Mary Furlong, Jill Gilbert, Laurie Orlov and many more.

“The series is dedicated to the groundbreaking innovators who paved the way for the aging and technology marketplace we see today,” said long-time aging/tech veteran and LMC founder, Laura Mitchell. “There is so much we can learn from the people at the forefront of the industry. These are the people with the vision to define and educate this market, setting the pace for the many complementary and necessary products and services that help so many seniors today.  I have learned so much already and I hope you appreciate their wisdom as much as we do.”

A new interview will be featured every Tuesday on the Laura Mitchell Consulting blog with the hashtag #LMCTechTuesday.   

What industry experts are saying about the LMC “Meet the Innovators” project:

“The Independent Aging technology industry is still very young and undeveloped.  All of the industry participants need to work together to share ideas and help stimulate primary demand.  By having these conversations and learning from them, we can all grow more interest and momentum in the space.” David Inns, CEO of GreatCall

“The past 10 years have felt like a sprint uphill, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences and relationships I and GrandCare made along the way. I feel like we’ve been a major player in redefining how people age at home. That feels good and what feels even better is that people are finally buying into the notion of using enabling technologies.” Charlie Hillman, Founder of GrandCare Systems  

“People don’t understand how much has changed in the past 10-20 years in the nurse call and emergency response space.  This series is critical to outline where we’ve come from, and where we’re going, on our quest for faster and better products and services to help the people we love.” Myron Kowal, CEO of RCare (Response Care)

If you are interested in this market and what the heavy-hitters have to say about it, follow the Laura Mitchell Consulting blog. Learn about the history, present and future of the aging technology industry directly from the insiders who have made this all happen.

Do you know someone that should be featured in “Meet the Innovators”? Contact LMC at and let us know.

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