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No one has never accused me of being shy. It’s true, I love to talk and socialize. I love networking, having conversations with smart people and, most of all, I love to speak in front of people about topics that I know well. (I’m even willing to speak on topics I know nothing about, but I wouldn’t advise engaging me on those.)  

I like helping people understand things like Disruptive Technologies and the Aging Tsunami, Guerrilla & Growth Marketing in the Digital World, Remote Patient Monitoring, Connected Health and a variety of other industry-related topics. But it’s not just about speaking in front of crowds that motivates me. It’s what happens after. These events become the start of a conversation, and often the start of a relationship. The same goes for participating on panel discussions.

I’m opening up the door to engagement and I want to talk with you. I have shared what I know, but I want you to share what you know, too. What happens next is up to you. I love taking questions afterward. And after that, things get even better when I have a chance to mingle with attendees one-on-one. Best of all? The people who are not shy about telling me I’ve missed something important. They don’t just keep me on my toes, they make me better.

If your organization is interested in having me start a conversation at your event, let me know. “Yes, I’d love to come and speak at your event” is one of my favorite things to say. And unless I’m otherwise engaged, I’d love to say yes to you. To see me in action at my various speaking gigs, check out the LMC YouTube channel. If you like what you see, drop me a line at, or find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. #LMCMktg @laurahmitchell

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