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Sometimes when taking stock of a customer’s marketing materials we come to the conclusion that they can maybe…use some help. It can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable discovery for the customer. But it’s an important one. (And, with our help, a temporary one.) But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so we took a little inventory at home.

We asked ourselves if our own website was still communicating what we do in the most effective way possible. And the short answer was no. It wasn’t. It wasn’t emphasizing our core competencies the way it should. So we decided to make it better. Then we decided that “better” just wasn’t going to cut it. So instead, we made it a lot better.

Behold the all-new Services section of the LMC website. In it you’ll find many things. Things we’re uniquely great at like business development and strategy ideas, creative campaigns that our customers rave about, industry-specific things we know a lot about and much more. Did you know that we can help you get noticed when launching new products and services at tradeshows and other events? Check out our shows, events, and product launches. Did you know that we have dedicated software developers on staff who are skilled in LAMP, Java and other witchcraft? Did you know that we can help you write and perfect your business plan, your go-to-market plan, capital raise or sales pitch strategies? We do all these things and more. And we do them well.

Establishing who to target and then communicating effectively to them is a key to any business. Getting it right is important. And this communication may need updating now and then due to changes in the marketplace, new technologies, or emerging opportunities. Is your website, your blog, your social media, your PR, your collateral or your tradeshow presence effectively amplifying the correct message?  If you’re not sure, let us help. Give us a call.

And, for now at least, we at LMC can rest assured that if consultants Bob and Bob ever come around to our office to ask us that fateful question (or to test our knowledge of Michael Bolton songs), we’ll have answers.

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