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We could assign Amanda many different titles. Creative Content Creator. Systematic Storyteller. Education Enthusiast. Organizer of Disorder. Connoisseur of Internet Culture.

And, apparently, Advocate for Alliteration, according to Amanda….

But here at LMC, we call her our Digital Communications Coordinator.

With a background in graphic design, journalism, video editing, web design, blogging, social media, public relations, event planning, and brand management, she’s an invaluable creative asset to LMC and to our clients. Plus, she tolerates our endless, ‘punny’’ (sometimes unfunny) humor. In our defense, she did come up with her own ‘Harry Potter’ rap from Lupin’s point of view. We’re just saying…

Besides her marketing superpowers, Amanda enjoys acting in community theatre productions, photographing nature and architecture, drawing with ink or charcoal and, of course, watching British movies such as Bend it Like Beckham or lesser-known comedies such as Irish Jam. (Yeah, you’re gonna want to google that).

What will her day-to-day look like at LMC? Well, a little bit of anything and everything. From writing, to logo design, to page layout, she’ll be doing whatever our clients need. But we also absolutely love her for her methodical organizational skills. She’ll be handling much of the internal task lists and helping to ensure client satisfaction by routinely touching base with our wonderful partners.

So now that know a little more bit about Amanda, have you met the rest of the LMC team?

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