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The LMC InnovAGERS is a blog series which highlights companies and individuals who are innovating in the aging, healthcare and caregiving industry.

For over a decade, we have been warned of the impending aging tsunami, along with a notable rising cost in healthcare. We simply do not have the brick and mortar, nor do we have the physical caregivers, to manually take care of this rising demographic. As with any disruptive demographic, we know enabling technologies will assist in cost-savings, patient empowerment and allowing professionals and family to better care for the recipients.

We wanted to take a moment and spotlight the changes that have happened over the past decade, to what’s happening now in order to make our lives better, more comfortable and healthier, as we age. What are the barriers we have overcome? What challenges are we still facing? How will technology play a role? Buckle up as we chat with healthcare and aging experts, and the game-changing innovators as we explore the fascinating intersection of technology and aging.

How to Become an InnovAGER

If you are making a difference in the aging, health care or caregiving industry, we want to feature your organization. Apply to become an InnovAGER now by filling out our survey: Apply to be an InnovAGER. If you are selected, we will interview you and feature you in an upcoming InnovAGERS blog. At the end of the blog series, our readers will select one winner to receive a free hour of LMC consulting. Application deadline is December 23, 2017.

About LMC

Laura Mitchell Consulting is a full-service shop, with expertise in healthcare, aging, technology, and business development. We help entrepreneurs in every stage, from business plan creation, to go-to-market planning to capital raise strategies. Our in-depth knowledge of the connected aging and healthcare space helps us to consult with you on company strategy, marketing directions, strategic partnerships and your competitive landscape.

We can build, write and design your website, develop a social media plan and build a branding presence. Our LMC team even has a lead software developer on staff to help you with integrations or to build out your platform.

For more information about LMC, visit our website at

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