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Web Design and Development

In this connected age your website is easily your single most important marketing asset. What does it say about you if it looks five years old, or won’t load on a mobile device? We can quickly and cost-effectively update your web presence with our team of talented web designers. We’ll make sure your website isn’t losing you business.

Five Seconds

That’s about how much time you get to convince a visitor that you’re legit. Is the site modern? Is there clear navigation to the content they’re looking for? If the answer is no, you’ve lost them. Let LMC create a clean and effective website for you. 

On Message

Is your website speaking your customers’ language? We help identify target demographics, develop messaging strategies, and make sure every page of your website is saying just the right things to just the right people.


More than half of all marketing emails are opened on smartphones. When someone gets your email and clicks to your website, what will they see? It could be unreadable or embarrassing. Your company’s reputation is on the line. We can help.

See For Yourself

If you think your website might need work, it does. We can do a total website reboot at a surprisingly affordable rate. Contact us for a free estimate.

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